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Individual Flexible Employment Contract

RP Emery & Associates offers professionally drafted Employment Agreements to allow you to manage your own staff efficiently and cost effectively.

Flexibility under the Fair Work System

The Fair Work Act was introduced in 2009 and reformed employment law in Australia. It introduced National Employment Standards that employers must adhere to. The Fair Work Act also consolidated and modernised various awards, now referred to as Modern Awards .

The Fair Work Act recognises that everyone’s circumstances are different and the stipulations and conditions set out in the Modern Awards will not be in the best interests of all employees or employers.

The Fair Work Act allows certain terms of the Modern Awards to be varied . This allows work conditions to be tailored to suit the individual requirements of employees (or employers), so long as overall, the employee is “better off”.

Flexible arrangements which take into account employees personal needs and priorities can provide staff with greater work value and job satisfaction. This in turn helps employers retain their staff members and reduce staff turnover.

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An example of how an Individual Flexibility Agreement works is below:

Julia has a school aged child who needs to be picked up from school at 3.00pm each day. Accordingly, Julia asks if she can vary her working hours under the award in an IFA so that this is possible.

Accordingly, the employer and Julia agree in an IFA that Julia will start work at 6.00am and will finish at 2.30pm each day. Julia may be considered to be ‘better off overall’ given her personal circumstances.Flexible Staff

These types of agreements must still meet minimum obligations and standards such as minimum wages. Under an Individual Flexible Employment Contract , an employee must be “better off overall”.

The flexible terms that employers and employees can vary under a Modern Award are:-

  • Work hours;
  • Overtime rates;
  • Penalty rates;
  • Allowances; and
  • Leave loading.

RP Emery’s Individual Flexible Employment Contract

Has been professionally drafted to comply with the Fair Work Act, 2009. The Agreement Kit is designed to be used in conjunction with a Modern Award.

The Kit contains a detailed document (letter) setting out the relationship between employer and employee.

Once the employee accepts the terms by signing the letter (and keeping a signed copy) it becomes the employment contract, subject to the terms of the Award (if there is one) and the Fair Work Act 2009.

The Individual Flexible Employment Contract Template is available for immediate download . Simply follow the link below to purchase the Agreement.

When you purchase any of RP Emery & Associates professionally drafted employment contract templates, you will have access to all latest updates of the document. And you can use the document again and again. Simply edit the document, save and print! It’s that easy!

Flexible Employment Contract Download

Flexible Employment Contract Download

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The Contract includes the following provisions

Provisions Individual Flexible Employment COntract

List of Provisions if Flexible Employment Contract Template

Sample of Contract

Individual Flexibility Employment Contract Sample

Sample Page 1 of Individual Flexibility Employment Contract

Flexible Employment Contract Download

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