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Employee or Contractor Decision Tool

The decision tool is provided by the ATO to help you understand whether individual workers are employees or contractors.

Workplace Information

Download the current Fair Work Act 2009

Independent Contractors Act

Fairwork Australia

Fair Work Australia National Employment Standards

Since the 1st January 2010, employees and employers in the new national workplace system are covered by the new National Employment Standards (NES).

Under the NES, employees have certain minimum conditions. Together with pay rates in modern awards (which also generally take effect from 1 January 2010) and minimum wage orders, the NES is a safety net that cannot be altered to the disadvantage of the employee.

The 10 standards relate to the following matters:-

The Modern Awards and National Employment Standards work together to create minimum rights and entitlements for employees.  Employers must ensure that these minimum standards are being met. 

Note, only some of these standards are applicable to casuals.

For more information on the NES go to Fair Work Online

or view the Fair Work Act