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Finding the Right Employment Contract just got Easier!

When you’re running a business, putting the right paperwork and employment contracts in place can be a challenge.

You know you need to comply with employment law but it can be hard to find the information you need.

We offer a range of professionally drafted employment contracts and contractor agreements to make your life easier.

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Each employment contract kit is written in plain and clear English so they’re easy to understand, and they can be edited to suit your needs because they are delivered in Word document format.

Once purchased, all contracts are yours to use as many times as you need which saves you time and money.

Choose from:

Employment Agreements or Contractor Agreements.

Contractor Agreement Employment Agreements


A well drafted Employment Contract protects your business by reducing the risk of being the target of a disgruntled employee or the Fair Work Ombudsman.

It also strengthens your relationship with your staff because it provides clarity about each parties’ rights, obligations and the terms of employment.