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Permanent Part time employment contract template

Permanent Part time employment is an attractive option for many employers and employees.

Part time employees work less hours than full time employees. However, they receive all of the entitlements of full time employees calculated on a proportional basis.

Part time employment allows the employee to combine work with raising a family, study, sport or leisure. It can a viable alternative for older workers seeking semi-retirement or mothers wanting to return to the workplace.

Who is a part-time employee

Part time employees work predictable, set hours. They receive similar entitlements as full time employees, including annual leave, sick leave and long service leave calculated on a pro-rata basis.

part time staff employee


Casual workers, on the other hand, do not have set hours of work, and are not entitled to many of the benefits of permanent full time or part time staff.

Fair Work Compliant

Our Part-Time Employment Agreement is only $69.95 and complies with the Fair Work Act. It is drafted by Australian lawyers in “easy to understand” plain English.

Ensure your part-time employees are aware of their employment status and avoid any misunderstanding by defining each parties rights with a Fair Work Act compliant part-time employment agreement .

The agreement contains the following provisions

Provisions in part time employment contract

Sample Pages

contents part time employment contract

Contents of the Permanent Part Time Employment Contract User Guide by RP Emery

sample page part time employment contract

Sample Page of part time employment contract

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