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Full Time Employment Contract Template Fair Work

This professionally drafted Permanent Full Time Employment Contract allows you to set down the term and conditions of the employment arrangement in a written framework. This reduces the potential for misunderstandings and future conflict with your new staff member.

Who is a full time employee?

A full time employee is someone who:

  • usually work at least 38 hours per week and are steadily and continuously employed;
  • usually have set hours and days of work;
  • is entitled to various benefits including sick leave, holiday leave, holiday pay and superannuation.

Australian employers must comply with the National Employment Standards that apply to full time workers. This is straightfoward when you use a contract that complies with Australian employment law.

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The agreement includes the following provisions

Provisions of Full time employment contract

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RP Emery’s Permanent Full Time Employment Contract

Our Permanent Full Time Employment Contracts have been professionally drafted to comply with the Fair Work Act, 2009.  The Contracts are designed to be used in conjunction with a Modern Award.

The Permanent Full Time Employment Agreement is available for immediate download. Simply follow the link below to purchase the Agreement.  When you purchase one of RP Emery & Associates professionally drafted templates, you will have access to later updates of the document.

The Kits are a valuable resource for employers and contain :

  • professionally drafted Full Time Employment Agreement template which complies with the Fair Work Act, 2009;
  • easy to understand User’s Guide
  • Fair Work Information Statement and associated resources
  • Friendly Customer Support

The kits are easy to use:

  1. Buy and Download the Agreement (Word Doc. format)
  2. Add the relevant information
  3. Print and Sign

What is the relevant information?

For this contract the relevant information includes things like your company name, the employees name, their position title, start of employment, the title of the award, salary, hours etc – all the relevant details that relate to your new employees position.

The Sample below shows a few pages of how the agreement looks and the grey boxes show where you add your information.

Full Time Employment Contract Sample 1

Sample Page 1 of Sample Full Time Employment Agreement

Full Time Employment Sample 2

Sample page 2 of Sample Full Time Employment Agreement

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